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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Andy's Cod in Chowder with a Bread Salad and Roasted Corn Topping

Sunday night dinners with Andy are always a  delicious and impressive surprise. I'm often awed when I learn how he re-created an elegant meals just by reading about it! This evening's meal was a succuluent and buttery cod that was placed in a bowl of chowder and topped with a crunchy bread topping and roasted corn. Served with a slice of toasted sourdough, this meal really hit the cold-winter-day spot!
There are three main parts to  this meal: the chowder, the fish and the topping. The fish cooks fast so the other two parts can be prepared ahead and just before you are ready to eat you can cook the cod. While I wasn't there for the cooking process I can provide all the ingredients and because it's a rather simple dish, the chowder can be made just as any one would.

Andy's Cod in Chowder with a Bread Salad and Roasted Corn Topping

For the Chowder:
Potatoes, cut into small cubes
2% Milk

For the Cod:
Heat a cast iron skillet in an oven at 500 degrees. When you are ready to eat the cod, put the skillet on the stove top on medium high heat and cook the cod for aout 4 minutes.

For the Bread Salad:
Panko, toasted
Lemon Juice
Smoked Oysters
Combine all the above ingredients in a bowl and just before serving, dollop the salad on the cod.

1 Roasted Corn, remove the kernels and sprinkle them on top of the dish. Enjoy.

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