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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keokuk Sandwich at Ray's in Petaluma + Top 5 Sandwiches

I sometimes forget how much I love sandwiches until I try a really excellent sandwich. I recently tried the Keokuk Sandwich from the laid back, locals-only, Ray's Deli in Petaluma. Although it was my first time there, it felt like I'd been there many times before. It's a family run join that is a combination deli and tavern that livens up the sleepy town. Known for their sandwiches and sodas in mason jars, this place has a real feel-good vibe. A plate of freshly baked cookies sat on the counter, which we had before lunch :)

The Keokuk sandwich is truly DELICIOUS! It is turkey, bacon, roasted red pepper, provolone, pepperjack cheese, sundried tomato, pepperocinnis, fresh basil, cayenne pesto mayo and spinach served on a house baked Ray's roll. I actually regretted not taking my friend's advice, which was to buy two Keokuk's, how could I think one would be enough?!

Top Sandwiches in My Life:

1) Manganaro Special from Manganaro's Grosseria in NYC
2) The Cuban from Kuba Kuba, Richmond, VA
3) Keokuk Sandwich from Ray's Deli in Petaluma
4) Lobster Roll from Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay
5) Turkey + everything on sourdough with a bag of popcorn from Scotty's Market in Terra Linda

Ray's Deli
900 Western Ave, Petaluma

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