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Thursday, March 29, 2012

SF Restaurant Review: Osha Thai

I didn’t realize I live down the street from a Thai gem. I’ve been there twice, and tried all new dishes on each visit.  Everything I’ve tried at Osha has been delicious, flavorful, surprising, colorful presentation. Highly recommend this restaurant! Ambiance is typical nice Thai restaurant that is trying to be a sleek lounge. It felt a lot like an NYC restaurant except that the customers were wearing North Face fleeces and jeans.

Salmon spring rolls – a piece of cooked salmon, avocado, special Thai sauce all wrapped up in rice papers and fried. Served over a bed of greens with a spicy Thai sauce. Yes please!
Angel chicken wings – second runner up to Pok Pok in Portland
Green Papaya Salad – for those of you who love Thai or Vietnamese food. The Green Papaya Salad is how you tell the good restaurants from the amateurs. It’s like bread at the start of an Italian meal. If stale bread is brought to the table with a cut of butter instead of olive oil – your meal probably will not be all that great. If you really want to test a Thai restaurant order the Green Papaya Salad. It should be crisp, tangy, a little bit spicy, have nice pieces of peanuts, fresh shrimp. It should be perfect – Osha scores 10/10:
Pumpkin curry-  Osha Thai is known for this dish. Chunks of pumpkin in a  slightly tangy, pumpkin coconut broth. Choose your protein. Enjoy!
I forget what this is....but she sure does look purrrrtttyyy!
Pad sewhu with chicken and asparagus. This is comfort food. Cold day, hang over, this is what I crave.
Enjoy it all with a green tea mojito :)

Osha Thai
Multiple Locations Throughout the City


brickell restaurants miami said...

Hmm I saw the images its very nice, good interior design, superb dining and the main thing bar tender. Lucky clover bar is also same as this as it provides all type of drinks like wine, beer etc.

Anonymous said...

sheila fix the title it says "osho" instead of osha!

Sheila said...

good catch! thanks friend :)