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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Create a Farmer's Market Feast in San Francisco

Create a Farmer's Market Feast ~  February Menus
Winter Bruschetta
Cannelloni beans, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil and goat cheese on Mad Dough baguette
Fennel & Blood Orange Crostini
Sliced fennel from Eatwell Farm, blood oranges from K & J, olive oil, balsamic, seasoning and Fromage  Blanc from Cowgirl Creamery over toasted Mad Dough baguette
Seasonal Salad
Curly kale, arugula, peppercress, minor's lettuce, beets and celeriac from Heirloom Organic Gardens
Bison Stuffed Squash
Butternut squash, carrots, leeks, celery and herbs from Eatwell Farm with bison from Golden Gate Meat Company, red quinoa and feta from Cowgirl Creamery
Pear Crisp
Asian pears from K & J Orchards, dates from Flying Disc Ranch, ginger, almonds, brown sugar and saffron almond sorbet from Scream Sorbet
Stuffed Baked Apple
Apples  & meyer lemons from K & J, dates from Flying Disc, almonds, brown sugar and butter served with saffron almond sorbet from Scream Sorbet
I am thrilled to say that the picture above is produce from Eatwell Farm and we used them all in my recent 'Create A Farmer's Market Feast' tour & class! A Saturday adventure for anyone who enjoys learning about local and seasonal foods, meeting the lovely folks who make them available to us, and cooking an organic and wholesome meal that is fuel for the body and soul. (That was my pitch!)
This last 'Create A Farmer's Market Feast' began with a visit to the Eatwell Farm stand. Eatwell Farm is a 105 acre, certified organic, community supported farm in Dixon, California. Here is a picture of the very knowledgeable and friendly Liz with Jason & Eric - the twin sons of Eatwell Farm founder, Nigel Walker. 
They were very generous and gave us a free CSA box that we loved so much we switched over from Capay to Eatwell and enjoyed our first box last week! Unlike home delivery CSA's, at least 85% of the produce is grown on their own farm and what they buy-in comes from local farms. They also have pasture eggs and freshly milled whole wheat flours, herb salts and sugars.  My roommate and I are excited to be a part of the Eatwell community and hope to join in some of their fun community events!

Our next stop was with David, a chef, and a true Connoisseur of lettuce varietals at Heirloom Organic Gardens. After sampling a handful of different types of kale, arugula, chicory and other exciting lettuces that he shares with us, I always have folks tell me how surprised they are to learn the variations in taste and texture that exist in the lettuce world. David is now serving organic soups and salads at the Fort Mason Farmer's Market on Sundays....just don't mention 'iceberg' lettuce to him ;)
From sweet to salty and crisp to fuzzy - it all exists and David is able to help us accurately identify the tastes and textures at hand. It's like have a top end sommelier tell you what you are tasting as you sip a glass of wine...
After the sampling, folks on the tour get to choose their favorite varieties from which we'll make a giant and delicious salad. You can really taste the difference here.
Our other tour stops include:
  • Amboon @ K & J Orchards - Amboon is the daughter of Kalyada & James (K&J) and they provide all the citrus to Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc and French Laundry and 58 other notable restaurants in the Bay Area! In the 'Create a Farmer's Market Feast' all of our desserts are made with seasonal fruits from K & J Orchards.
  • Charlie & Liz @ Rolling Oaks Ranch for delicious, pasture raised, lower cholesterol, higher omegas, happy free roaming, trailer coop, hen laid eggs. Charlie will challenge you bake with his eggs and store bought organic eggs and taste the difference! My roommate did this challenge and we did indeed taste a significant in bread.
  • Thomas & Andy @ Golden Gate Meat Company for happy, wild game
  • Sierra @ Scream Sorbet for delicious, artisan, locally made sorbet that is far better than any ice cream and perfectly compliments our homemade desserts. 
After learning everything we can about our produce we return to my apartment for a delicious 4 course meal accompanied by beer from 21st Amendment that is brewed on our deck! Doesn't get much more local than that! 

On Saturdays
San Francisco, CA


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