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Monday, March 14, 2011

Off The Grid in India: Sleeping & Cooking in a Cave, Scramble to the Summit

This picture is taken from the location where the cave is looking up to the summit of the Indrahar pass. It looks close but it is a steep and super challenging climb up. I took this picture the day before - when we arrived to set up camp at the cave. Our plan was to wake up around 3am, make a quick meal, and scramble to the summit before sunrise....
The cave was the warmest night's sleep I'd had since arriving in India. Here are the two lovely English folks getting ready to sleep in the cave.
Here is our cook, Gulab preparing some hot chai and dinner in the cave:
And here is dinner: chapati with vegetable curry
The next  morning we woke around 4 am an started the scramble to the summit. It was really hard for me. The sun came up and I had not yet reached the summit, I was close but slowing down significantly. Breathing became hard and it felt like each leg up was 200 pounds. Finally, we all made it to the summit of Indrahar pass and when you reach the top you see the beginning of the Himalayan range...
At the pass we were at 5000 meters. At first you feel warm and start removing all your layers, then you feel bone chilling cold. Breathing is still easy until you laugh - then you are really gasping for air. After about 45 minutes, we started to feel light headed and began our descent. Here I am at top with our guide, Papaji!
A few days later I would continue toward this Himalayan range...

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