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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spicy Cheese! ....another reason to LOVE California

 I recently had the pleasure of sampling (multiple times) this delicious and surprisingly spicy habanero jack cheese from the Sonoma Cheese Factory.  Buy it HERE.

Disclosure: Apologies for the semi-blurry picture - this was taken about 2 hours into a wine tasting...
The habanero kicks in about 3 seconds into the cheese tasting. The jack is otherwise perfectly creamy to help offset the habanero.

Some ideas for good uses for this cheese include:
  • Shredding and using as a topping for fried fish tacos
  • Shredding and using in a corn bread
  • Quesadillas
  • On crackers with a dollop of sweet peach chili sauce or honey (or some sweet sauce)
  • Topping on tortilla soup
  • Topping for nachos with extra guacamole   
And here are some awesome recommendations from my cousin Megan <3
  • shredded on top of taco salad
  • used with rice and chicken in a stuffed poblano pepper
  • in enchiladas! yum!
  • maybe paired with a sharp green apple? Could be interesting..
Any one feel up for a visit to the Sonoma Cheese Factory?

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