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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

500 Startups - Grubbing on the 12th Floor of Mountain View's 'Sky Scrapper'

I've been working at 500 Startups for just over a year now and I've loved the ride! We are about to start our 4th Accelerator batch of startups and I'm excited to learn what they are all about. It's always an adventure over here at 500 Startups...and more than not there is something 'foodie' going on, whether it's a startup or a bribe or both. This post is a glimpse at the humor, experimentation and sometimes mild insanity that takes place at 500 Startups. One of the founders of the startup, DailyAisle, wrote this funny piece on 50 things she learned at 500 Startups.

To start - this is one of the views from our office. We are on the 12th floor of a building where everything else is 3 floors at max! So we have 360 degrees of uninterrupted views. It's gorgeous watching the sky change as the day turns to night.
In our last batch we had a group of Swedes who made these delicious chocolate balls for Demo Day:
We also had some folks who didn't make chocolate balls...but they made this pyramid of pigs! PRODUCTIVITY at its finest.
One of our wonderful foodie startups, Love with Food, delivers gourmet samples to your doorstep on a monthly subscription basis. In my case, it was delivered to my desk - this is for the month of March.
 Inside is a card with details about the samples and a note about their philanthropic efforts where for each box delivered, one meal is given to the non-profit 'No Child Hungry.'
 Tasty treats! The jerky, pictured in the background....was beyond addictive. 
 Another foodie perk of 500 Startups are the goodie bags (bribe bags?) delivered to the team... this one was particularly gourmet from 'Indie Food New York Mouth' (not one of our startups). This gift was actually for Dave, but I checked out the goods...naturally :)
 The piece of chocolate on the bag above is a bacon toffee chocolate.  Tasty but too much toffee and not enough chocolate or bacon...
 Do I see stroopwaffles? YES!
With all this good food - who does the dishes?
Sometimes our startups leave dishes in the sink. So we have to leave scary notes...

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