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Monday, May 31, 2010

Jackson Heights $1 Eating Tour; Part II

While this blog post of the Jackson Heights $1 Eating Tour may occur over two separate posts on two different days, the eating was a one time occurrence, we basically walked and noshed for 4 hours.....So where did we leave off? Oh yes, the delicious spinach empanadas from El Chivito d'Oro. Next up was mini empanadas. Mini potato empanadas. The restaurant Seba Seba (79-28 37th Ave, between 79th and 80th Street) had mini empanadas for $0.40 each. Our team got 8 and plenty of the small free containers of salsa. These bite size potato empanadas were yummy but they did us over the edge with fried foods. After these little guys we took a break to peruse the Indian grocery stores for hard-to-find spices and took a food-coma-esque break in the shade on the stoop. Here is a picture of Katie and Jon:
For a finale we ended at a taco truck right under the subway train overpass. Right outside the entrance to the subway were two taco trucks that looked pretty delicious and had lines. After all the fried foods, we needed the freshness of the dependable taco truck fixings. Switching it up we went for quesadillas and while we were in line, a man who frequented the truck regularly, recommended we order the quesadilla  Tinga  which is a spicy chicken mixture and it was delicious!  The quesadillas are massive and very filling and only $2.00. Here is a picture of the quesadilla Tinga with lettuce, Mexican cheese, pickled jalapenos, sour cream and salsa verde:
For a really detailed and excellent taco guide of Jackson Heights, check out the Jeffrey Eats blog! He goes into great detail about all the different trucks and their menus. For me, no finale is complete without a little extra something sweet. Before getting on the bus to come back home I  picked up a piece of tres leche cake from a small Columbian bakery across from the bus stop. This was definitely one of the most delicious pieces of cake I have ever had, and that includes all cheesecakes and red velvet cakes. It was incredibly moist but still held its shape. The flan like topping made it wonderfully flavorful.

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