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Thursday, April 29, 2010

NY Restaurant Review: Apizza

There is a new pizza shop on Avenue A, Apizza, that is giving Muzzarella a run for it's money. Apizza is a Stanton Island import and has won such accolades as "Best Pizza" from the Village Voice and other, lesser known, Stanton Island periodicals. I've walked by this place numerous times but never went in until I needed dough one day to make a Breakfast Pizza. After chatting it up with the friendly manager and long-time advocate of Apizza, Mark (or maybe his name was Mike or Matt), he gave me a gift card for four free slices of pizza! This is like winning a mini lottery for me. On a recent late-nigh jaunt with some co-workers, we found ourselves near Apizza in the East Village, so we went and redeemed my four free slices. It turns out that Apizza has just four different types of pizzas, this made the whole decision making process pretty easy. Without a doubt Apizza's pizza is one of the best I've had in the city. It is at a tie for number one with Lombardi's in my opinion. Apizza blows Muzzarella out of the water. So the photograph above is of the four free slices, here is what they are clockwise from top left: Four Cheese Sicilian, Signature Sicilian, Old Fashioned Grandma Sicilian, Traditional Neapolitan. My favorites of these were definitely the Four Cheese Sicilian and the Signature Sicilian. The dough is perfect in texture and flavor, their homemade sauce is chunky and flavorful, the cheese is warm and perfect. Everything is perfect about the pizza at Apizza. As far as I am concerned, the only problem with the place is that they are always playing loud violent gang gun scenes on the large flat screen which is not the pleasant entertainment for enjoying some of the city's best pizza.

201 Avenue A, between 12th and 13th Street

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