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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Italian Feast For 50

There is a LOT of catching up I need to do....For starters, I recently turned 26 and made a giant vegetarian feast for my close friends but it didn't seem right to publish that post without paying tribute to my 25th rotation around the sun when I had a big, fat, Italian-style birthday party.  I created a menu weeks in advance and started prepping over 7 days out. It was the largest cooking prodcution I've ever done and required extensive advance planning. I had about 45 RSVP's but I really struggle with knowing how much food to prepare for large groups and I never want people to leave hungry. So I probably cooked enough for 80-100 people. We had leftovers for a solid week following my birthday. I invited people over just to help eat the leftovers!
Mini asparagus and mushroom frittatas. 

My Grandma's beautiful Native American painting with a table full of 
homemade bread and local cheese.
Antipasta California style: Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and avocado.
Faro salad with marinated peppers and zucchini.
The display.

Marinated & roasted eggplant salad with olives, bread chunks and pecorino cheese.
Marinated roasted mushrooms
Green bean salad with roasted walnuts
Josh Tal enjoying (I hope!)

Meat tray
Dessert buffet! Desserts provided by Erica, Bernardo, Nichole and my Mom :)

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