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Friday, May 4, 2012

Homemade Bison Meatball Subs on Freshly Baked Bread - For sale from our stoop on Sunday!

This Sunday, May 6th my partner in crime, Nichole, (master breadmaker), and I are joining forces yet again and selling BISON MEATBALL SUBS FROM OUR STOOP (557 2nd street between Brannan and Bryant).

We'd LOVE & APPRECIATE your support in helping us spread the word! We guarantee a delicious experience. Here are some easy ways you can help out:
  • TWEET OUR SUB SALE: Follow @GoodCookingSF and tweet about our sunday sub sale! Here are some sample tweets that are <140 
    • Can I buy you a bison meatball sub on fresh baked bread before the Sunday Giants game? #bestpickupline @goodcookingSF
    • Looking forward to meatball subs w/ artisan bread on Sun! see u on 2nd st btw brannan & bryant at 11! Go Giants! @GoodCookingSF
    • Bison meatballs on fresh roll with homemade sauce for 6$? #bisonheaven @goodcookingSF premiering sun at 11, 2nd st/brannan
  • LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: Like Good Looking Home Cooking on Facebook  and share our Bison Sub Sale on your page! 
  • BE LOUD: Tell your friends, parents, one-night-stands! Especially tell people who are going to the Giants game - they will be able to take our subs into the game! Just don't tell any po-pos because we are doing this under the radar (#thisisnotlegal) 
Some fun facts about our meatball subs:
1) Most meatballs have a ratio of 1:1 meat to breadcrumbs our bison meatballs are 4:1 meat to almond meal. This is the real deal.
2) Our bread is tried and tested, Nichole was test making bread all week and has found the perfect roll. Also, she was recently accepted to the 18 week program at the San Francisco Culinary Institute!
3) Our meatballs are paleo & gluten free.
4) We are serving the subs in home made origami trays from recycled magazines. Nichole is super creative.
5) Our bison is Great Range Bison
6) Our sauce is slow cooked made with 2 different types of tomatoes and 20 cloves of garlic.
7) Bison is better for you than any other meat, check out these nutritional facts

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