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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Sausalito Soiree

My good friend's, Yasemin's, parents - Erhan & Sema - just moved to Sausalito and they had us over for a 4th of July BBQ. They have a gorgeous place looking out over the bay - it truly is an ever changing painting. This is a picture from their dining room:
The last time I saw Sema and Erhan was at their gorgeous home in Bodrum, southern Turkey. In Turkey, Erhan prepared delicious barbequed kebabs, fish, and incredible home made burgers. I will have to digup those pictures at some point to share the mouth-watering Turkish food. But now, 4th of July BBQ in Sausalito. As appetizers we had a selection of freshly prepared salsa, a sour-cream based dip to offset the spice of the salsa, and a fantastic guacamole:
As a main course, Erhan barbequed an area of foods, pictured below from left to right: jumbo shrimp, chicken drumsticks, kefta and lamb.
Here is Erhan - introducing the spread....
..which also included perfectly roasted vegetables...
 And a sweet barbecued fruit salad of pineapples, mangoes and apples.
 As a party favor, Erhan made me a take-home bowl of homemade apricot jam! It was delicious and good thing I had a spoon for the long bus ride home :) 
Tesekkurler Sema & Erhan!

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sema said...

Sheila darling,

I can't believe that noone has written any comments yet. I loved the way you wrote about our meal together and the wonderful shots of the dishes. Please don't wait until next July to visit us again.

many hugs and kisses to you.